About Us

Hello, Hello! We are so glad you are here. Lulu Books© is all about
creating an atmosphere of learning, love, and creativity. Our team has
created a theme-based, printable activity book (a little like quiet books) for
you and your loved ones to enjoy anywhere.

How Does it work? 

It's super simple! You have two options:
1.  Buy the hard copy. It is shipped to your door ready to enjoy.
2.  Buy the digital download. Follow the easy steps below and, 
     presto, enjoy your Lulu Books.

Meet the Lulu Books Team

Kim Stoddard

   My daughter Kallie was diagnosed with some eye problems when she was 9 months old.   When I walked outside with her for the first time in glasses, she pointed up to the trees repeatedly. She giggled and squealed, and kicked her chubby little legs with excitement. I tried to find a bird, a plane, or what it was that was making her so excited. I finally realized it was the beautiful fall leaves. For the first time, Kallie was able to distinguish each vibrant leaf in the big oak trees surrounding her. Before she had glasses, trees looked like a big blob of colors, but now she was seeing each leaf, each beautiful creation. And that was exciting! I bawled like baby. I will never forget the way she looked up into those big beautiful trees.  As a mother, these are the moments I live for! 

     We have these experiences every day when we engage creatively with our children. Things that seem blobish, ordinary or monotonous can become beautiful creations as we explore with our children. Sometimes it is the parents who introduce clarity, understanding, and wisdom to their children. But sometimes it is those beautiful children who open our eyes to the importance, purity, and clarity of life.  This is why we chose those cute, little red glasses as part of our logo. They remind us to focus on creating those moments of learning, love, and creativity.

     This, as well as other parenting experiences, is why I was inspired to create Lulu Books. I love the idea and functionality of quiet books, but I didn't love to sew, and I wanted my "quiet book" to be more of a learning tool for my kids. I searched for this type of product, but there really wasn't anything out there. So I teamed up with my dear cousin, Alyssa Parker, and together we made it happen. We truly hope that you love these books as much as we do! Please feel free to contact us about anything (lulukidsbooks@gmail.com).

Alyssa Parker

      As an Illustrator and Designer, Alyssa Parker finished her undergraduate degree in Visual Arts at Brigham Young University in December. She has a passion for CREATIVITY and has loved all the opportunities thus far in her life to express that passion.  She especially loves the imagination of a child and is fascinated by just how creative children are when they are little.  She is saddened at times to see technology get in the way and occasionally squash creativity. 

      She has always loved children’s books for as long as she can remember, but for her, it was always about the pictures.  She still loves getting away from her computer or phone and getting a book out with PAPER pages that doesn’t have to be charged and letting it take her away from the world for a little while. 

      When Kim approached her with this great idea for Lulu Books, she fell in love.  She loves any idea that can help children harness that amazing creativity they are born with.  She has loved being able to create these fun illustrations in hopes that they can help little ones anywhere learn, have fun, and create an experience of their own; after all, “The creative adult is the child who has survived.”—Ursula K. Le Guin